Följ våra försök att odla mat i ett fönster. Vi testar hydroponisk odling med växtbelysning för att driva upp sallat, örter, astiatiska bladgrönsaker och annat skoj. Förvänta dig inte att vi blir självförsörjande 🙂 🌱☀️💧

Addizio, gasolgrill - Boretti

Addizio, gasolgrill - Boretti

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This compact industrial model is a real all-rounder. Virtually identical to the popular Fratello barbecue, the Adizzio offers a gas alternative to make barbecuing just that little bit quicker. It’s no surprise that gas grills are increasingly in demand as their speed and ease of use make them perfect when time is at a premium. The Adizzio is easy to move, trendy and looks stunning on any patio. The barbecue has a large cooking surface as well as three gas burners, so when it’s time to party, the more the merrier. The Adizzio has heat-resistant handles and a removable ash tray for easy cleaning. The robust, durable lid is heat and rust resistant with the added bonus of an integrated thermometer to keep you barbecuing at the optimum temperature.

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